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SUPER Battery Calibrator


SUPER Battery Calibrator is a free and profesional application to enhance the life of oyur battery, it is intuitive and easy to use. SUPER Battery Calibrator provides detailed information about your battery and helps improve the perfomance of oyur device. With SUPER Battery Calibrator your battery will last longer!Our Android devices lose capacity over time and thus the hassle of having to charge it daily, even several times in the same day. If you're tired to charge your phone every day, or you run out of battery power when you need it then SUPER Battery Calibrator is your solution!
Using Super Battery Calibrator once a week for improve your battery life.
- Is effective and fast- Turn ON/OFF data mobile network for improve battery life- Turn ON/OFF wifi for improve battery life- Turn ON/OFF Silent audio mode for improve battery life- Turn ON/OFF Bluetooth for improve battery life- Of course, is totally free!- Search problem in a single tap- Temperature indicator- Battery percetange load indicator- Voltage indicator- Health indicator- Technology indicator- Connection type indicator- Free updated